Paleo Living for the 21st Century

Geoff Bond

Geoff Bond – The Paleo Man

A few months ago I went to a lecture by a guy called Geoff Bond on the Paleo lifestyle.

I almost didn’t go but am really glad that I did because a) I learned a load of interesting stuff about how hunter gather, tribal people lived (and still live), and b) would never have come across Ugg Foods (more on that later)

I kept in touch with Geoff after the lecture (lucky bugger lives in Cypress!) because I knew that I had just scratched the surface with regards what I could potentially learn from him – and thus share with you – about health, nutrition and fitness.

Turns out there’s even more to this Paleo lark than just eating berries, nuts and offal.  

The big question I always have for concepts and theories is ‘how does it apply to my life TODAY?’

That was what I wanted to address in the interview I recently recorded with Geoff, which you can watch right here:

I’ve also created a podcast of the audio from this interview, so you can download that and listen to it on the hoof if you like.


If you have any comments on what we covered in this interview, please feel free to share below.


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